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Porto Rafael2018-08-02T17:45:39+00:00

About 1 km from Hotel Palau, you can find Porto Rafael and Punta Sardegna direction. On the right and visible Beach Middle Crap, or Rada of Agincourt, where the ships of Nelson were held in check for a long time the French fleet. The hotel is so close to PORTO RAFAEL. The complex announced by the Church of Santa Rita left a path down which, hidden by trees and bushes, leading to the square facing on the beach. The buildings in a semicircle would respect the character of their creator, a Spanish who first settled in the area.

The cape and path from a granite outcrop that ends at Punta Sardegna, mass of granite that just out into the sea opposite the island of Spargi. On top a small watchtower allows you to have an overview of the extreme North-East Sardinia.

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