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Capo d’Orso2018-08-02T17:47:56+00:00
From the hotel in Palau reaching Capo d’Orso on the Costa Smeralda is very simple.

Find a parking space when the road curves right to descend towards Cala Capra. Then proceed on foot down the road on the left until after about 200m you reach the entrance to the military zone used by the fort. On the left a path passes through the greenery and in short time leads to the steps that climb the hill. The hill, that supports the massive body of the Bear, is 122m tall. It’s a granite ridge that juts out over the sea almost to the point of wedging itself between Santo Stefano and Caprera.

The slope facing Palau is more harsh and steep. Looking at the hill from the road that connects it with the town large conchs and spurs of rock that split the profile of the ridge can be seen to the left of the Bear. The stone animal is planted firmly on high, providing immobile and sturdy witness to his endless resistance to all aggression. He more than the nearby military fortifications seems to be the guardian of the splendid places of the Costa Smeralda. Around Palau you can visit two rather important megalithic monuments: the Li Mizzani Giants’ Tomb and the Nuraghe Lunchia. Both can be found at Monti Canu, a granite ridge that divides the territory of Palau from that of Arzachena. The tomb is from the Bronze Age and dates to 1500 ‘ 1200 BCE. Until 1918 it still contained its original covering: graverobbers and local landowners opened it and took both the objects inside and the granite itself. It is well-preserved just the same.

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